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Co-extrusion WPC decking is capped wood plastic composite product, which means it has a very thin plastic protection layer to cover the co-extruded core layer.

The protection and core layer are extruded together under a very high temperature mold simultaneously.

The additional advantages of the co extrusion decking are as below:

-Messes can be cleaned up very easily because of its protection layer

-Better resistant to mildew and splitting, so the lifespan is longer

-The protection layer ensures its color stays much longer

-Better wear resistance and scratch resistance


Compared to traditional wood grain decking, 3D embossing decking has more natural textures.It can finish the embossing procedure during the extrusion process.

The wood texture of 3D embossing decking can bring long-term durability because its deeper texture.

The additional advantages of the 3D embossing decking are as below:

-Better wooden texture than the normal embossing

-Better abrasion resistance and slip resistance

-Longer lifespan for the wooden textures

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