Our Products/Co-extrusion WPC decking

Round Hollow Composite Board

  • Water proof

  • Eco-friendly

  • UV-resist

  • Low maintenance

Pattern Selection
  • Matt Texture

  • Wood Vein

  • Saw Mark

  • Smooth Surface

Everything there is to know

√   Co-extruded decking

√   Reversible and removable profile

√   Different surface finish

√   Wood relief grained surface

√   Multi-chromatic colours

√   Stain and fading resistant

Product Benefits

Co-extruded protection layer

Reversible profile: 2 effective sides

  • Material

    Wood fiber+HDPE+Additives

  • Sizes

    23 x 138 mm

  • Fasteners

    Stainless steel clip/ABS plastic clip

  • Extrusion type

    Co-extrusion 360°

  • Slipperiness

    Pendulum value: 46-90

  • Flexural properties

    Bending Strength: 41.0 MPa

  • Water absorption

    Mean: 0.87% Max: 0.9%

  • Fire test

    Class C

Stain resistance and water proof

Co-extrusion decking is an upgraded type of wpc composite decking, which is superior to the first generation WPC decking. Co-extrusion decking has a full 360-degree coating and the water absorption rate of the coating is extremely low, which effectively prevents water from entering the core layer so that the board is not prone to mold. Also the Co-extrusion decking has better stain resistance than normal 1st generation wpc decking, it can be easily cleaned with water and soap while first generation wpc decking requires more maintenance time and cost to keep longer service time.

UV resistance

Co-extrusion WPC is not only highly resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents, it is also easy to process and particularly resistant to humidity and xylophagous insects. Grinwood’s Co-extrusion WPC has very superior color fastness and is much more resistant and stable than other materials used for outdoor decking, wall cladding, fencing, etc


Grinwood WPC Material Co., Ltd. warrants to the original purchaser  (“Purchaser”) that, for the period of times set forth in the following sentence, under normal use and service conditions, Grinwood product shall be free from material defects in workmanship and materials, and shall not split, splinter, rot or suffer structural damage from termites. The term of such warranty shall be fifteen (15) years from the date of original purchase for a residential application, and ten (10) years from the date of original purchase for a commercial application.

For the 15-year warranty, it is not only a documentation paper for both parties, but also the practical action to solve the problem when it occurs.

Clip installation

Grinwood boards must be installed in accordance with the installation instructions, by using stainless steel clips, T clips, etc.

These clips help hold the stainless-steel screws in place during installation. Considerable time is saved during installation. Moreover, we have different types screws for different materials joist to use.

Joist gaps (centre-to-centre distance) are at most 35cm for boards. If you need the installation guide in details, please contact us through email to get it.


Grinwood Co-extrusion Decking is an environmentally-friendly product. 90% manufactured with raw materials from the recycling industry, decking boards are also entirely recyclable.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) comes from the recycling of plastic waste (plastic bottles), and the wood fibers come from sawdust from manufacturers such as furniture makers.

Manufacturing Grinwood decking boards does not harm tropical forests and is an attractive alternative to exotic woods.

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