Our Products/3D embossing WPC decking

Solid online embossing decking

  • Water proof

  • Eco-friendly

  • UV-resist

  • Low maintenance

Pattern Selection
  • Classical

  • Modern

  • Natural

  • Antique

All you need to know

√   3D online embossing decking

√   A variety options of wood relief grained surface

√   Dual sides with different design

√   Rot and insect resistant

√   High anti-slip property

Product Benefits

Deep embossed wood texture

Fastener groove

Features And Properties

Our 3D embossing decking is hard-wearing and low-maintenance.

The boards are premium decking boards that benefit from having a wood grain texture on one side and a multi-grooved surface on the other

Unlike timber, our boards retain their strength and durability throughout their life.

It's a long-lasting material composed of a blend of recycled plastic and wood fibres. No need to paint, oil, stain or seal the deck boards.

Stains such as grease, wine or ketchup can be cleaned easily using soapy water.

It is recommended to wash your deck using a pressure washer at least once a year.

With Real Wood Surface

The main property of this product is deep woodgrain

Both extrusion and embossing processes take place on production line at the same time before the boards are cooling and shaped.

This technology bring advantages for online embossing decking as below

Better slip resistance 

Deep embossed textures are more anti-wearing and anti-fading 

Better natural visual effect

Perfect 3D wood grain texture on the composite decking with the lastest pressing rollers and the sanding methods


Grinwood WPC Material Co., Ltd. warrants to the original purchaser  (“Purchaser”) that, for the period of times set forth in the following sentence, under normal use and service conditions, Grinwood product shall be free from material defects in workmanship and materials, and shall not split, splinter, rot or suffer structural damage from termites. The term of such warranty shall be fifteen (15) years from the date of original purchase for a residential application, and ten (10) years from the date of original purchase for a commercial application.

For the 15-year warranty, it is not only a documentation paper for both parties, but also the practical action to solve the problem when it occurs.

Clip installation

Online embossing WPC deck must be installed using Grinwood clips in accordance with the installation instructions.

Typically 22 clips are required for one square meter of the board. These clips effectively secure the board to the joists using the gripping arms at the bottom. The matching use of stainless steel screws require

pre-drilling before installation, to ensure a disciplined installation.

Grinwood deck can be easily removed without the need to dismantle the entire deck. The maximum of joist spacing (centre-to-centre distance) is 35cm.


Grinwood Co-extrusion Decking is an environmentally-friendly product.

Grinwood Online Embossing Decking is 90% manufactured with raw materials from the recycling industry.

The quality and environmental performance of wpc is guaranteed as the material used for processing does not contain harmful substances and has passed environmental tests. The material can also be recycled and reused for processing and use, and its properties are very good. While timber forms the majority of the material within our wood plastic decking, recycled plastic and performance enhancing additives make up the rest. These work hand-in-hand to enhance our products, ensuring we offer both authenticity and performance in equal measure. The price is competitive, the wear resistance is high and with long-term uselife.

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