3D embossing WPC decking

Round Hollow Composite Decking

Grinwood’s Round hollow composite decking with modern texture. The wood grain embossed on the surface gives the decking a natural wood-like appearance, but it also has the advantage of being a composite board.

Other available textures: Classical, Antique, Natural or customized.

Square Hollow Composite Decking

Grinwood’s Square hollow composite decking with classical texture will satisfy your needs when you want your decking boards to stand out and have a natural timber look.

Other available textures: Modern, Antique, Natural or customized.

Solid Composite Decking

Grinwood’s Solid composite decking with natural texture. The purposefully designed texture of the boards means it has exceptional anti-slip qualities, making it an ideal surface for both commercial and private applications.

Other available textures: Modern, Antique, Classical or customized.

Semi-solid Composite Decking

Grinwood’s Semi-solid composite decking  with 3D embossing antique texture is made to look like exotic wood. The board's irregularities give it a unique and natural appearance.

Other available textures: Modern, Classical, Natural, or customized

Finishing Boards

The Finishing boards and trims add an exceptional look to your deck and aid in the ease of installation on steps and other exposed edges.

We have different sizes and shapes of items to choose from.

Different textures for you to choose

Multiple choice for texture will make multiple appearance of your decking system.

Our Promise

Grinwood’s decking boards are guaranteed for at least 15 years. It is anti-stains, anti-UV and avoiding the color change in certain degree.

Our decks are durable and require minimal maintenance. We are proud to offer a high quality product that is also sustainable. All our composite products are made of 90% recycled plastics and wood fibers.

Easy Living

Grinwood promises that the decking we produce is perfect for outdoor use because of its superior quality. We want you to spend time enjoying your deck, not maintaining it.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance - No painting, rotting or sealing! Due to the reduction of ongoing maintenance expenses, the overall lifetime cost of composite decking is lower compared to timber.

Weatherproof - Thankd to our proprietary blend of raw materials, our deckings are strong and break-resistant, making them safe for the whole family.

Simple and Quick Installation

The entire Grinwood decking system has been designed around the use of fixing clips. No need for clamps, vices or plank spacers, the clip reduces the construction time of a deck by at least 30%, compared to a screwed installation.

Only one screw is needed per clip. Grinwood has different clips for you to choose. the T clips, SS304 clips,etc. Also the expansion screw is needed to fix the joist to the ground.

A Guaranteed Splinter-Free Deck

Grinwood decking boards are guaranteed splinter-free making them ideal for outdoor living.

Our boards are mounted using an invisible installation system, which means that there are no screws on the surface of the boards. This provides great safety when walking barefoot. No more tripping or stubbed toes to worry about.