WPC cladding

A New Technology : Co-Extrusion

Grinwood WPC composite cladding boards use the latest composite wood manufacturing technology:

Co-extrusion. An applied thin layer of polyethylene seals the composite wood surface. The polyethylene film has a number of functions, such as protecting the product against moisture, protecting the colour from fading and preventing stains from developing.

Install vertically or horizontally?

Grinwood wall cladding can be installed both horizontally and vertically. These boards have a trapezoidal profile that drains rainwater well.

To account for any expansion caused by temperature variations, we have to allow a longitudinal expansion of 1 mm per meter of material for all of our profiles.

Be sure to leave a 5mm expansion gap between the junctions.

Fixing of the cladding is invisible. According to the type of slats, the cladding can be attached either with stainless steel clips or with colour-headed screws that are placed within the hollow of the wave.

Several aluminum accessories are available for the finishing process (corner rails, starter rails).

Reduce maintenance to a minimum.

The maintenance requirements for Grinwood cladding boards are very low. Tests conducted in certified European laboratories demonstrate that the material is not subject to discoloration or accelerated aging.

No protective oil or paint is required. The co-extruded cladding is also completely waterproof, thanks to its thin protective layer.

Maintenance is a simple and straightforward process. Cleaning with clear water is sufficient.

Decoration lath - More to explore

Experience in the field of wood-plastic composites that goes back more than a decade. There have been a great number of unique and artistic decoration laths developed by The Grinwood Company over the years. For you to design an amazing project, there are over 20 options that you can choose from. Both indoors and outdoors, the decoration laths are highly suitable for a variety of applications.