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Co-extrusion WPC Shadow Gap Cladding

  • Water proof

  • Eco-friendly

  • UV-resist

  • Low maintenance

Pattern Selection
  • CN001

  • CN004

  • CN006

  • CN007

  • CN014

Everything there is to know

√   Modern open-joint appearance

√   Exceptional natural wood imitation

√   Multi color selection

√   Easy to install

Product Benefits

Co-extrusion layer

Hollow profile

Tongue and groove assembly

Shadow Gap composite cladding Installation
  • Material

    Wood fiber + HDPE +Additives

  • Section


  • Fasteners

    GWA026 stainless steel clip

  • Extrusion type

    Co-extrusion 360°

The advantage of a realistic and durable wood appearance.

Tired of maintaining your wood cladding? Try Grinwood co-extrusion wall cladding!

Grinwood co-extrusion composite cladding was developed using the latest extrusion technologies to combine the durability of co-extrusion with the warmth and appearance of wood. An elegant and contemporary false open-joint profile enhances the facade while preserving its natural beauty and warmth. Colors with random nuances contribute to the realistic impression of an untreated, natural material.

For many individuals, the composite solution is ideal for all types of projects.

A stable cell profile with lugs

The Grinwood profile is stabilized by its underside, or backing.

There are lugs on the back of the boards of Grinwood composite cladding, which naturally create an air gap between the support and the siding. In vertical installations, they help install boards only on a wood or metal framework. A further benefit of Grinwood board coatings is that they are rot-proof and do not absorb moisture. Circulation of air is solely for ventilation of the support.


Grinwood cladding has a stylish false open-joint profile that is resolutely modern and attractive. Facades with embossed designs break the monotony and regularity of facades. This design ensures effective runoff of rainwater because of its trapezoidal shape. Furthermore, these composite panels replicate the open joints of wood cladding perfectly!

Two possible installation choices - vertical or horizontal - accentuate the perception of height or depth for exterior facades.


Grinwood WPC Material Co., Ltd. warrants to the original purchaser  (“Purchaser”) that, for the period of times set forth in the following sentence, under normal use and service conditions, Grinwood product shall be free from material defects in workmanship and materials, and shall not split, splinter, rot or suffer structural damage from termites. The term of such warranty shall be fifteen (15) years from the date of original purchase for a residential application, and ten (10) years from the date of original purchase for a commercial application.

For the 15-year warranty, it is not only a documentation paper for both parties, but also the practical action to solve the problem when it occurs.

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